Colleen Lynn’s nonsensical 2013 numbers from DogsBite.org

Posted January 21st, 2014 in Discrimination, Prejudice and tagged , by Josh

I recently did a post regarding the genuine known circumstances behind the 2013 dog-related human fatalities. Document downloadable here. It’s within that post where I detail that 26 of the 32 (81.25%) dog-related human fatalities for 2013 involved either roaming dogs, chained/resident dogs, and/or the non-supervision of children. It was also pointed out that 17 of the 32 (53.125%) incidents had zero public evidence of what the offending dog or dogs actually looked like, only breed claims coming in the form of a media mention.

Yet yesterday provided us with a ban- and kill-driven, standing on dead bodies document from DogsBite.org that claimed that 78% of these fatalities were caused by Pit Bulls. Totally nonsensical and unproven in any way, yet there it is, out to attempt to set 2014 public policy.

Astonishingly, amongst this pile of erroneous debris there is NO MENTION of how many offending dogs were running loose, chained and/or resident yard dogs, or amongst children while unsupervised. No mention! Aren’t those things relative to public safety? Yet there’s this “press release,” filled with “stats” meant to be salivated over by anti-Pit Bull sociopaths who want to “dirtnap” (as they say) millions of dogs for the actions of the extreme, extreme, extreme few. How in the world does this woman get to act as if she cares at all about public safety? How? By screaming “Pit Bull” and ignoring both the millions of Pit Bulls that have never done anything and also the clear and apparent circumstances behind almost every dog-related fatality ever recorded? Really?

Listen, if you seriously desired to improve public safety you would take the misnomers out of the discussion and promote 3 ideas that run counter to the 3 reckless circumstances that come aligned with almost any and every dog-related human fatality:

1) Keep your dog leashed, keep your dog properly contained.
2) Do not chain your dog, do not tether your dog for hours on end, interact with your dog, socialize your dog, expose your dog to different elements, teach your dog some basic obedience, stimulate your dog’s mind, give your dog a bit of structure, treat your dog compassionately and as a member of your family.
3) Watch your children, do not leave your children with any dog unsupervised, teach your children how to interact with animals and how to respect their boundaries.

For anyone that knows anything about dogs, how does any of this not apply, and further, how is this not a focus? How is this not THE focus? No serious person can answer or retort these things. I’d love to see anyone try.

And then there’s this gem, which I find pretty entertaining…

The only other known nonprofit organization, in addition to DogsBite.org, that tracks this vital data publicly is Animal People.

Wow! How convenient to say, I mean, that those 2 “organizations” are run by individuals (Colleen Lynn and Merritt Clifton) that both want Pit Bulls banned and dead. Incredibly fair, not bias, of course not, right? It’s quite intriguing that there’s no mention of the National Canine Research Council, but that’s because everything they say repeatedly lays waste to Colleen Lynn’s nonsensical posing as a representative for genuinely desiring to increase public safety.

And finally, don’t forget that we are talking about 32 incidents out of 75+ million dogs and 300+ million people. 32!

Now some grandstanding charlatan will say, well, how dare you say that 1 life isn’t precious! How dare you imply that 32 lives lost isn’t important! I’M NOT SAYING THAT. I’M NOT IMPLYING THAT. If you listen to the things that I’ve written I actually repeatedly try to remind folks why the majority of these things happen. Most of these fatalities are completely avoidable. But you have to add perspective and scope to the problem. This is not a simple issue where you can just snap your fingers, eliminate every dog that even remotely resembles a Pit Bull, and have all these problems wash away. This is a reckless human problem, not a dog one.

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone said back prior to voting to usher in breed-discriminatory legislation that “if 1 life can be spared through this ordinance, that it’s 1 life worth saving.”

Okay, but at what cost? How many lives need to be lost in this philosophical process? How many problems need to be avoided and outright ignored? How many people and animals need to be scapegoated? This is where you enter the realm of demagoguery. This is Colleen Lynn’s specialty. A mentality like Stone’s is the same type of thinking that attempts to justify dropping an atomic bomb on an entire city. Have you ever seen a wedding party or a neighborhood blown to smithereens by a hellfire missile or a drone? And just because there was a piece of “intelligence” that put 1 person in that vicinity? That’s what you call collateral damage. The doctrine of embracing collateral damage is the work of tyrants. So these people acting like they care about the sanctity of life, while green-lighting literal boundaryless mayhem in order to fill a singular objective, is utter hypocrisy of the highest order.

To bring it back to dogs: The collateral damage for the objective of frauds like Lynn and DogsBite is millions of dogs dead. That’s their desire; stated, stashed, masked, and true. Rampant vilification based solely on how sentient beings look. The line of thought that dogs from certain visual groups are not also individuals, but rather products with no differences. People being denied housing and a livelihood based around what kind of dog that they may have. Families being torn apart. Municipalities closing their doors to you, and criminalizing you when you are in reality totally innocent. Stereotypes and labels being attached to people, and all because of the individual dog that you love. Creating this regurgitated hysteria and playing on fear, which is the lowest common denominator when attempting to actually be intelligent. Shelter policies becoming more draconian than they already are. Due process being eliminated. Laws being circumvented, while others go ignored. A further unAmericanness taking tighter hold. That’s Colleen Lynn and DogsBite.org. That’s who, and what, you support when you swallow the utter garbage that is housed on that website.