Discrimination is discrimination, and if it’s not then you are walking in circles

Posted December 4th, 2013 in Discrimination, Prejudice and tagged , , , by Josh

Here’s the thing. And this is just my opinion obviously, but something I deeply believe. To be an effective Pit Bull advocate you need to oppose discrimination. That goes for both dog discrimination and people discrimination. Why is this the case? Well first, because it’s wrong. But secondly, because you can’t be out asking people to not discriminate against a certain dog, while in the same sentence or paragraph you so readily discriminate against people, and on a mass scale. That discredits your intent. When people negatively speak in generalities about other people and cultures or statuses they are literally complaining about millions of individual people, but as a group, and in doing so giving the impression that they are all universally like (insert here). For example, you cannot cite the x-number of dog-related fatalities in 2013, which is under 30 nationwide, and blame it on all low-income people. When someone says “low-income people” they are quite easily speaking about tens of millions of people. You don’t know them. One may be fantastic while another may be the devil’s seed. Just as rich people carry the same individual attributes. My best guess optimistically says that most people who have pets are good people who love animals, and while they may not treat their pets exactly like you treat yours, or while they might not meet a certain standard that you feel you’d want to set, to unfairly alienate any endless amount of the country is hugely unhelpful and basically serves to criticize a lot of good homes run by people that do love and provide comfort to their animals. Does education and information or idea sharing make it better? For sure. Does communication amongst each other, and the viewing of one another as fellow human beings and not someone that you’re looking down on make it better? For sure. Does more access to choices and less intimidation from government make it better? For sure. Also, talking about people by what they visually look like is more discrimination, which is exactly how these dogs are vilified. It’s a circle and cycle of harm. Please oppose discrimination in all facets of your lives. Otherwise your inconsistency is going to be used against you by anyone paying attention.