“Locking jaw” lies and the rabbit hole of hate

*To those already familiar with these types of people: Please read my commentary at the bottom, numerous worthy points are discussed…


^You may also notice that the “lady” (quotes will make sense later) that fired back at me actually has a Pit Bull-type dog as her icon. Hmm, I thought. So I clicked on her profile, surprise, I should have known…


There was also this…


And this, right out and on the front…


So wow, this post, which was meant for 1 purpose, is now going to take on 2 topics… The “locking jaw” stuff is pretty fleshed out in the first image. That stands on its own. What is highly disturbing though is that there are actually people out there like Debbie Bell who devote their entire energy towards disingenuously villainizing Pit Bulls. Some of the most vile and cruel blogs on the entire internet exist for this purpose alone. Many of the same people, under different aliases, run them. I’m not claiming Debbie is actually a fake person or profile, but you simply gotta look at the company she keeps and put it on the table…

As you can see with her enlarged profile image, “Harve Morgan” (aka H.P. Morgan) also makes an appearance in the comments. Just go ahead and Google “Harve Morgan, Pit Bull.” Click on any of the links and go directly to the “comments” section, he’ll be all over each without fail. There’s a small group of them, and they all have multiple fake profiles and basically “Catfish” the internet, supporting each other and looking for any incident supposedly involving a Pit Bull… When they find one the script is simple: Troll through the comments and spout their vague and disturbing garbage. They not only insert their own flawed (and all-encompassing, overtly cruel) talking points, but they purposely argue with Pit Bull owners, argue with Pit Bull supporters, deflect any and all questions, ignore points, repeat themselves, stereotype all people who have their own Pit Bulls as “gangbangers” or “criminals” (notice a trend?), refer to anyone not agreeing with them as “nutters,” and so on and so forth.

Now I acknowledge that there’s also people that a 3rd party could define as “Pit Bull supporters” that go onto these things and do many of the same things that I just detailed, irrationally pissing back and forth with a group of known irrational pissers. I grant you that. The difference is that they aren’t supporting the mass murder of an entire anything, nor are they stereotyping groups and moving to unjustly demonize them. What they are doing is not communicating well enough and letting their emotions get the best of them. That’s the difference.

What’s interesting though, and consider yourself warned, is that you can now see some of these Pit Bull-hating individuals actually abandoning their outright and nasty calls for total breed bans (i.e. “All Pit Bulls deserve to die because they are vicious killers”) and moving instead to the softer talking points that PETA actually uses… “Euthanasia for their own good,” “Mercy killings,” “They are victims too and we need to protect them by killing them,” “Let’s kill them all now so none potentially ever have to suffer later,” and so on and so forth. This type of language allows people to pose as compassionate while also wielding an ax and having the blood lust to repeatedly swing it. Both tones have the same goal: Ban and eliminate Pit Bulls. For example, PETA supports breed bans, they just doublespeak while pushing the ban.

And now, as you can see with Debbie above, she openly goes out of her way to state right there on the front of her profile: “Don’t ban the breed, but do ban their breeding.” Wow. Some people aren’t sophisticated enough to realize that these things are actually the same thing. If mandated effectively, one gets rid of all tomorrow and the other gets rid of all within a single life cycle. Same goal, different time frames. She then goes on to state that with discrimination-based mandatory sterilization laws all dogs will win, “especially the tortured Pit Bulls.” Ugh… By being culled and killed? They win? By being con-gamed into disappearing forever? They win?

Just know… To all of you folks that see all of the Pit Bulls in the shelters, see the abhorrent killing that routinely is initiated instead of life-saving programs that are proven to massively decrease killing, see the failures of the human element (neglect, abuse, exploitation) and would then actually move to talk yourself into a breed- or type-specific sterilization law in order to curb it: Just know that you would be aligning your position (albeit unbeknownst to you) with this anti-Pit Bull crowd, the ones that I’ve taken this opportunity to attempt to detail. Please ponder that. This is an essential message and everyone needs to hear it and understand it.

People from all corners of animal avocation may move to say that I “support breeders” then… How? My own dogs are spayed and neutered, Sway was, and it is a consistent recommendation that I make to others. If this is truly about mandating that dogs be sterilized, and that that’s the single answer to “overpopulation” (claimed by many), then bump the “breed-” or “type-specific” part of any proposed law. Make all dogs undergo a mandatory sterilization and we’ll see how happy people are when in 10 years dogs, as a whole, are extinct (PETA would actually love this, as their overall goal is to end the idea of having pets altogether). And when talking about this you must convey a nationwide or worldwide theme, and assume it would be carried out efficiently, even if the law or idea is only being proposed in random spots. As MLK said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That applies. You fight bans in one spot, even if you are unaffected in a far off and different spot. Critics will say that dogs will never be extinct, even if a mandatory spay/neuter law is put forth and flawlessly enforced in 90% of American cities. That isn’t the point, is it? Those critics are missing (or ignoring) the point!

So that’s simply an example meant to get people to think about this stuff. I don’t support a mandatory anything, because it routinely shows that more laws (poorly aimed, poorly enforced) discourage ownership and increase abandonment, which in this current sheltering culture increases killing. Los Angeles is a prime example. But to those people that do: At least be aware that disingenuous and disgusting Pit Bull-haters are moving to mask their message in an effort to blend in with your good intentions. Think on this.