PETA responds to me, confirms the obvious

Posted August 20th, 2013 in Discrimination, Prejudice and tagged , , , , by Josh

So PETA responded to my video floating around Twitter by addressing me directly and linking me to some document entitled “The Straight Scoop on PETA and Pit Bulls.” Notwithstanding the fact that I’d already read this PDF and knew fully what was in it, and it literally just backs up my claims that they’ve taken issue with, they still chose to send it to me in a public forum as if it actually disputes my video and disproves my statements made to Lisa Lange… And they attached a loving heart icon for good measure!


As you can see below, it’s written plainly that PETA not only wants the immediate ban on the breeding of any future Pit Bull, but they also support outright bans on the ownership of currently existing Pit Bulls not already “owned.” Going unmentioned is the fact that these positions then make life hell for the Pit Bulls that PETA claims that they will allow to be “grandfathered in,” as these laws are being created on the implication that all Pit Bulls are “dangerous.” All this aligns perfectly with what Ingrid Newkirk has said many times, and what I said in my video to Lisa Lange’s face: PETA calls for the “automatic destruction” of all Pit Bulls entering the shelter, a ban on Pit Bull ownership, and a fazing out of Pit Bulls altogether by lobbying for them to never be able to reproduce.


And I especially loved this doubletalking doozy: Saying that they are protecting Pit Bulls from breed-specific abuse through the use of breed-specific legislation. So PETA is going to protect Pit Bulls by banning them and then killing them. Thus, if there’s no more in existence then they can hypothetically never again be abused. Nice. This is akin to Big Brother and the Thought Police, staples of George Orwell’s novel 1984, telling Winston Smith that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.


So sticking with the Orwellian theme, I guess I’ve now committed a “thoughtcrime” by confronting Mrs. Lange on their BSL position. What happens to the people in 1984 who commit a thoughtcrime? Well, they’re taken to this nice little place called the “Ministry of Love” where they are then tortured for committing the thoughtcrime. Again, a euthanasia needle is love, taking a dog’s life is a gift that PETA is giving them. It’s all sick. PETA is twisted.