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Posted August 20th, 2013 in Discrimination, Prejudice and tagged , , , , by Josh

So PETA responded to my video floating around Twitter by addressing me directly and linking me to some document entitled “The Straight Scoop on PETA and Pit Bulls.” Notwithstanding the fact that I’d already read this PDF and knew fully what was in it, and it literally just backs up my claims that they’ve taken issue with, they still chose to send it to me in a public forum as if it actually disputes my video and disproves my statements made to Lisa Lange… And they attached a loving heart icon for good measure!


As you can see below, it’s written plainly that PETA not only wants the immediate ban on the breeding of any future Pit Bull, but they also support outright bans on the ownership of currently existing Pit Bulls not already “owned.” Going unmentioned is the fact that these positions then make life hell for the Pit Bulls that PETA claims that they will allow to be “grandfathered in,” as these laws are being created on the implication that all Pit Bulls are “dangerous.” All this aligns perfectly with what Ingrid Newkirk has said many times, and what I said in my video to Lisa Lange’s face: PETA calls for the “automatic destruction” of all Pit Bulls entering the shelter, a ban on Pit Bull ownership, and a fazing out of Pit Bulls altogether by lobbying for them to never be able to reproduce.


And I especially loved this doubletalking doozy: Saying that they are protecting Pit Bulls from breed-specific abuse through the use of breed-specific legislation. So PETA is going to protect Pit Bulls by banning them and then killing them. Thus, if there’s no more in existence then they can hypothetically never again be abused. Nice. This is akin to Big Brother and the Thought Police, staples of George Orwell’s novel 1984, telling Winston Smith that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.


So sticking with the Orwellian theme, I guess I’ve now committed a “thoughtcrime” by confronting Mrs. Lange on their BSL position. What happens to the people in 1984 who commit a thoughtcrime? Well, they’re taken to this nice little place called the “Ministry of Love” where they are then tortured for committing the thoughtcrime. Again, a euthanasia needle is love, taking a dog’s life is a gift that PETA is giving them. It’s all sick. PETA is twisted.

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  1. Cathy says:

    PETA….I must say ….WTF is wrong with you ….your supposed to love animals and protect them….except for …..What.. Pit Bulls…Why??? because you ignorant? You really make me sick. I Judge All animals like I do Humans…By how they treat me …..Not by what someone else thinks !!!! KARMA is what I have to say to you !!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Really PETA ? What are you thinking? Obviously your not. I really wonder who’s running your organization . If you have done any research at all you would know that all dogs have temperament’s of their own. I have seen small dogs that are biting fools. Big pitties that are a big mush babies. We have to be dogs advocates and know the breed before we sign up for ownership. Unfortunately most do not. Don’t punish Pitbulls as a group. Rather, bring to light that each and every dog, no matter if its a pit, or a poodle, be evaluated on their strengths, weaknesses, etc. go with individual dogs that can bring a lot to the table, rather than condemning one breed for things out of their control. Remember, humans have been the culprits for their misfortune this far.

  3. Cris says:

    I’m speechless

  4. Joyce Madsen says:

    Try reading the WHOLE statement before jumping to false conclusions. Selective highlighting does not present the whole truth. Anyone who cares about dogs must admit that there currently are more Pit bulls than there are good homes for them.

    • Bennet says:

      You are 100% wrong. But keep spreading that myth.

      Maybe listen to someone other than PETA about how many
      good homes there are for dogs in America.

    • Nic says:

      Wrong. Pit bull type dogs are one of the most popular dogs as family pets. Stop the killing. Stop the discrimination. PETA have said they support BSL and think every last pit bull dog should be killed. PETA also kills 98% of the animals that come into its care. They are murderers and run a slaughterhouse. For the truth on PETA see http://www.nathanwinograd.com

    • ruby says:

      agreed. it is hardly the denouement of pitbulls that everyone is screeching on this thread about. my feeling is that through rick berman’s evil mind and hateful little nathan winograd, most dog rescue people have already decided they hate PeTa. so they don’t actually read the statement they just assume it says what they think it said.

      my feeling is that dog rescue people hate PeTa, b/c PeTa doesn’t play species favorites. as do dog people. i.e. please don’t tell them killing a pig is also murder, b/c then they would have to reconsider their bacon.

  5. krista anne says:

    Beautiful animal!! alot of bad owners..ban the owners, keep the Pit Bull!!

  6. CAROL LEE says:

    This is so messed up and just plain wrong.As a former and current owner of Pit Bulls I find this so unreal to think that people that are supposed to protect all animals can want the sweetest most loving dogs in the world to cease to exist.All I can say is that this is wrong in every way possible.I know God see’s all and I would be very scared to know I would one day face him and have to explain how I helped murder so many of one of his greatest creations,or to have him make me look into the eyes of each of them and try to explain it to them.Karma’just saying.

  7. Roxana says:

    PETA you used to be my hero, I find your views on Pit bulls extremely disturbing. All life is precious and a dogs behavior reflects the character of his owner and not the character of the breed of the dog.
    shame on you!

  8. Angie Carey says:

    I am completely floored. I used to admire PETA. Yes, I thought they were a little loco, but sometimes that’s what it takes to stand your ground. Destroying an entire breed to keep it from being abused?!? What about the abusers? How about advocating for the breed. How about lobbying to increase the punishments for the abusers and neglecters? How about lobbying for animals to be considered living beings not things?

    PETA, I am so disappointed. On behalf of my two best friends, Lola and Chuck, I beg you to reconsider your stance. Don’t punish them for the evil of “humans”.

  9. wendy cody says:

    Speechless is am…did not know PETA was operated by amoebas…

  10. What a shock! PETA certainly uses a lot of words to confirm what they deny and to deny what they’ve already denied. They should take a position and stick to it instead of playing ridiculous word games. I wonder how they can reconcile their position on pitbulls with their claim of being and organization that supports the “ethical treatment of animals”. Either their support for ethical treatment of animals is selective or they have a very strange definition of ethical treatment.

  11. Carol Lafon says:

    I think the only way to curb the problem with aggressive breed dogs is make it mandatory that all owner have to take a class on dog behavior and have to have a licence to have them. I did this on my own 22 years ago when I a adopted a pitbull. It would be nice if all dog owners had to do this. It taught me so much about dogs. I had 2 pitbulls and never had any problems with them their entire lives. I had to move from my home town in San Diego because the home owners insurance against aggressive breeds. I turned my life upside down and moved to a different state to keep my pitbull. It really depends on the owner and training and supervision of your animal.

    • Lindsay says:

      Carol, so glad to hear you care about pitbulls and love all dogs. I agree that taking any dog to an obedience class can be so helpful. One thing, though. I don’t think you meant to refer to pitbulls as aggressive breeds. All dogs are individuals, and while some dogs (of any breed) are aggressive, the dog’s breed is only one factor affecting its behavior. Again, I’m so glad to hear about your good work with your dogs.

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