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The harsh reality of Devore is that all of these dogs pictured in this video will likely be dead in just a matter of days. The photographs were shot on 4/13. There are no kennel cards anywhere on the premises, which means that I had no way of aligning the ID numbers with the faces, embedding my customary tag onto the pictures. Some dogs wear a 3 digit number around their neck, most don’t. What does it mean? I have no idea. You have the option of picking up a sheet at the front desk which shows a smattering of cage numbers, maybe a third of which have corresponding “3 digit numbers.” Nowhere on this sheet do they opt to list any of the corresponding ID numbers. The sheet also fails to list the majority of the cages, as well as the majority of the dogs. Even if the sheet was properly handled, I was told that they change dog cages so often that 1 days sheet doesn’t even match the next days. Management seems pretty brazen there, ignoring the minimal sheltering laws and essentially daring people to do something about it. I noticed a pattern of excusing themselves from having to spay or neuter some of the dogs that go out through “rescue.” It’s definitely freezing up there at night. Yet they don’t accept blanket donations, even though numerous organizations have literally begged the staff to take them. They say it’s a “safety hazard.” Sounds to me like they just don’t want to make any type of an effort to do that laundry.

If you see a face that you cannot live without, please call the shelter immediately (909-887-8055).
In order to attempt to match a possible face with an actual ID number:
Check the “Adoptable” section of their website
Check the “Lost” section of their website

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  1. elee33z says:

    I have a possible adopter for the pit/aussie mix.  Do you know what they charge to get a dog out??

    •  @elee33z They charge $80.00 to pull or adopt a dog.  If you are interested you must be quick because the dogs literally have a couple days and no longer.  Please call the shelter and visit the website!!!

  2. LuckyPupDogResQ says:

    Thank you for sharing this, taking the time to share this story. We have been working to bring attention to this cesspool for years now.  FINALLY, the Board of Supervisors who are in charge of this concentration camp for dogs is going to create a committee to look at how things might be improved.  You hit the nail on the head, they don’t give crap and it shows in every way.  My hubby and I have rescued about 90 dogs in the last year since we found out about this place.  We need more help. Fosters so we could pull more dogs.  We are on FB: here:  Friends of Devore Shelter Dogs https://www.facebook.com/FriendsofDevoreShelterDogs?ref=ts
    our rescue is Lucky Pup Dog Rescue.com
    THEY CHARGE 80.00 to PULL A DOG, that pays for the spay/neuter.

  3. JoyJensen says:

    I am wondering why PetPardons isn’t on your “Save a LIfe” list? We work very hard at PetPardons to get the animals’ faces out there on a daily basis. Some of the volunteer workers are also some of our best adopters/foster parents/sponsors!! I’m just wondering. Our babies would love the extra exposure and I’m sure not ashamed to ask if it will help any of them find furever homes!!

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