America in a nutshell

Posted February 15th, 2012 in Discrimination, Media, Opinion, Prejudice, Shelters and tagged , , , , by Josh

Westminster Dog Show just recently opted to sever ties with Pedigree after 24 years of sponsorship service. This decision was apparently made after an overwhelming amount of people who make up their “primary audience” voiced concerns about the commercials promoting the adoption of shelter dogs.

How sad is that? That people are so apathetic and cowardly that they’d rather not be subjected to a 30 second commercial, showing a betrayed dog behind bars, because of “how it makes them feel.” Screw how many people might see that commercial and feel inspired to visit a shelter and adopt, screw the fact that the commercial is visually accurate in its portrayal of what you would see if you’d visit a shelter, screw the fact that millions of shelter animals are actually killed every single year inside of this country because of a lack of awareness (among many other things). And here we have a short commercial that may help make a dent, may help some of these dogs find homes, may actually inspire or initiate an emotional response… Well, too bad, many Americans are just too cowardly to even watch. They don’t want to pay attention to a reality-based world because they’re too busy living inside of their bubble. Surprised? Out of sight, out of mind. What a disgrace.

You people that would rather remain silent, or turn away, or close yourself off from tragedies, or from information, or from discussion, or from things that may not affect you directly–you people are worthless. You people are the reason this world is so completely fucked up. Because y’all grossly outnumber the people who actually give a shit. And then ignorance reigns. And then oppression reigns. Yes, this is just a commercial. But yes, I just took it there–to a political perspective, to a societal perspective–because at the end of the day, it’s all the same, it’s all relatable. This is the reason that we get what we get. This is the foundational reason why all of the injustice this world serves up consistently continues to happen. Because the people as a majority do not care. They would much rather look away, they’d much rather not be bothered with it. We are better than this.