Carson shelter killed at least 130 Pit Bull-types in November of 2011

In November of 2011, the Carson shelter killed (at least) 130 Pit Bull-type dogs. I know this as an absolute fact, because I’d photographed each animal, and later verified each’s status with numerous phone calls. This kind of claim can be made because for that entire month I was visiting the shelter every other day. This was done with the intention of documenting every pittie face that came through this terrifying facility. I met and spent time with every one of these beautiful creatures. They were sweet, they were individuals. Over my dead body will this information remain secret.

Allow me to make this as real as possible for you… In order to fill that type of a killing total for the month of November, they’d of had to kill the equivalent of 4.3 Pit Bulls EVERY DAY. I’m here to tell you that the Carson shelter absolutely did this. No, I’m not stating that they actually killed 4 dogs every single day. They could have just as easily killed 12 one day and 0 another, as evidenced by their killing of 18 pits during the 58 hours that they were “closed” for Thanksgiving. But these are how the numbers work out, horrifying in either regard. Next, take the per day Pit Bull-type estimate and stack that next to the per day kill-rate for ALL dogs impounded at Carson (from current fiscal year 2011-2012 (ytd))… That number works out to 6.7 per day, established after receiving some public records from the shelter regarding their outcomes. Math then reveals that with these 2 estimations, over 60% of all shelter dogs actively murdered in November were likely “labeled” as Pit Bull-types. I realize that that isn’t an exact science, as 1 number is solidly November, and the other number is an average pulled from almost 10 months now of total intakes… But you get the idea. Unfortunately, the transparent truth is probably even worse. The overriding point is that this type of stuff is happening every month, November is the topic today because I was constantly there to document and demonstrate the example.