Evidence that some people horrendously suck

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These are all dogs that I encountered over the last week or so at Carson… Each dog has their own story, and each likely has their own human that utterly failed them, but these noted cases all strike a similar chord.

This is Midi & Spider, 2 dogs from the same household that were surrendered together on 11/4. Midi, the black one, was sweet as the day is long. Super loving, super calm. Spider, the blue/gray one, was very timid and horrified to be at the shelter. He was a nice dog but would never even get a chance…

Spider was killed on 11/12, Midi was killed on 11/14.

This is Monster & Muneca, 2 dogs from the same household that were surrendered together on 11/6. I was actually onsite at Carson taking photographs when these dogs were dumped. The family was confronted by a fellow shelter-goer and they explained that a neighbor’s Chihuahua had been walked into their yard and Monster chased after it. Animal control was called and they “suggested” that the family take Monster to the shelter. Gag! Muneca, the Rottweiler, was not involved in any way and the owner even went out of her way to say that she was “very sweet.” When pressed further about why they were surrendering their dogs, the wife said that she “was really stressed” and just needed to “get rid of them.” After dumping these 2, the family actually walked through the shelter in hopes of adopting another dog… I shit you not, this happened. Monster was wound up that first day, but every day after (about 5 instances) he was extremely sweet to me. Right across the kennel hall was his sister, Muneca, who was also extraordinarily sweet…

Monster & Muneca were both killed on 11/14. I dread the thought of them being reunited in the kill-room, while 1 watches the other be put down. If not that, 1 watching the other being led from their kennel, never to return. Minutes later, their fate then plays out the same way. Literally heartbreaking and another fine reason why some human beings are pieces of garbage with no compassion, empathy, loyalty, humanity, morals, work ethic, desire, focus, determination, etc.

This is Jada, a 7-year-old girl who had a massive tumor hanging from her foot. She was dumped by her owner on 11/8, likely without ever receiving medical care. Point is, her person was a coward who would rather dump his/her companion at a high-kill shelter instead of provide her with the proper care (or try a laundry list of other options), all of which would have been better than abandonment at a scary shelter like Carson…

Jada was killed, scared and alone on 11/16.

This is Pirata & Sparky, 2 dogs from the same household that were surrendered together on 11/9. They are STILL at the shelter. They both have shelter ID numbers that are 1 digit apart–yet they are old ID numbers (A4318547, A4318548), meaning that they were adopted out together from the Carson shelter many months back. Now, whomever adopted them way back when has opted to dump them back at Carson to potentially die… If these types of people are friends, well shit, who needs enemies?

*Update* Sparky was killed on 11/22, Pirata was killed on 11/30.

These 2 dogs, 1 male and 1 female, came from the same household and were surrendered together on 11/12. They are STILL at the shelter. It was clear within 30 seconds of observation that they likely got into a fight with each other at home. The male had fresh puncture wounds on his chest. Both dogs were extremely sad and depressed. They are being held in kennels that are right next to each other. It’s only a guess, but what seems to have happened is that after their scuffle (or 1 they were a part of with another dog), their owner immediately brought them to the shelter and dumped them, rather than take them to the emergency vet and have their wounds cleaned. After all, why would anyone do that? Humans are so fantastic! Knowing this, it’s then obviously far too much to suggest that they look into an obedience trainer for whatever issue the dogs may have had. You know, doing those “necessary things” that you’d think you’d wanna do for a “member of the family.” Are these ideas really out of the ordinary? Too much to ask? I mean, they’re both 2, so chances are they’ve been coexisting for awhile now… Oh well–the owner opted to just discard them like trash, and now here they sit…

*Update* Both of these dogs were killed on 11/23.

And finally… Yesterday, while photographing, I witnessed a surrendered 17-YEAR-OLD Shepherd-mix named Rock! This poor guy is so old that he could barely move, or maybe it was because his nails were about 10x too long and it was absurdly painful for him to take steps. Nevertheless, he gingerly made his way over to the front of the cage for some rubs… Where’s the dignity? Where’s the consideration? Where’s the respect, the loyalty? Whomever dumped this dog is the scumbag of the century… I certainly don’t know what Rock has left in the tank, but even euthanizing him at the family vet while in the presence of his loved ones would have been highly appropriate over this disgraceful betrayal…

*Update* Rock was rescued on 11/18.

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  1. irene dodd says:

    I hate people more with each passing day. Reading this stuff makes me physically ill.

    Just when I think I can not take any more I meet someone like you or Audra that devote their lives in an attempt to make up for the betrayal and cruelty that were inflicted on these poor souls that should have only felt immense love during their last moments on earth. What do they get instead???!!! …. Fear, bewilderment and unimaginable despair. It’s beyond heart wrenching as there really is no justice for these poor babies. I swear I want t find those bastards and rub their faces in their own shit until they suffocate, I really do. I hate them with every fiber of my being, Jesus forgive me but, I just can’t help it! These people with no feelings at all do not deserve the air they breathe. It’s a terrible waste of oxygen. Bless these poor babies and all of the others that have suffered so needlessly only because they had the terrible misfortune in winding up with complete scumbags that I hope rot in hell.

  2. Adrienne Clegg says:

    So much wasted beauty…people do indeed suck.

  3. I want to take the 17 year old and give him a place to live out his last days in comfort and dignity. Poor creatures. People suck big time.

  4. Kathleen Raddatz says:

    dominika.nawrot: will you please rescue him? Transport groups available. just ask.

    Pls act rapidly before its too late. keep calling and emailing til contact made. He’s not safe til he’s out.

  5. kellymeyer says:

    I always say I love animal much more then people,and people haven’t given me a reason to change my mind. people suck!

  6. kellymeyer says:

    There is no reason for any living creator to be abused and neglected!!!!!

  7. KimberlyLittlefield says:

    I have shared almost all of those faces. I recognized them. Every time I post, I do it with a feeling of hope and try to give them respect and honor which they’ve never received. I didn’t know their fate, only because it happened so fast. It’s amazing that some of us WANT to be their everything, earning that wag when we come home, and others dismiss these simple acts of kindness from pets as if they deserve them.

  8. JennaFire says:

    I am crying my eyes out!!! I just can NOT understand for the life of me how people can be so so terribly cruel, and cold hearted!!! Midi’s gentle eyes, Spider scared and confused, Monster wondering ‘why?’, Munecas innocent lil face, and poor Jada scarred and in pain, and then Pirata and Sparky with their sad faces pleading “NO please don’t leave us here again!” And then the two with their sad sad eyes and all their battle wounds, and then last but not least the 17 year old. These are all so very very sad and brought me to tears, but this last one is what set me ‘bawling’, literally bawling!!! ….SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD!!! And this is HOW he gets to spend his last days??!!! He should be in a warm comfortable home surrounded by LOVE!! The owners that did this, should NEVER EVER be allowed to own ANY animal ever again!!!!

  9. JoshLiddySwayLove says:

    I’m happy to say that the 17-year-old Shepherd was actually rescued… He is now in a foster home and will be living out the rest of his days there. Pirata & Sparky are still there, I saw them both today, as are the 2 dogs below them… Please check my album on Facebook if you’d like to network their pictures around!

  10. Kathleen Raddatz says:

    Happy that Rock can live out his days in comfort and peace hopefully. As for the others who were not fortunate, gone but not forgotten by us. We can be their family in spirit.

  11. Kathleen Raddatz says:

    Lets help Pirata and Sparky and the male and female from the same household to get happy lives.

  12. KathleenBlanchard says:

    When you look at their eyes you can see their story.

  13. Babs says:

    So sad! People really suck!! I have three rescue dogs and a rescue cat, all of which are sacked out on the sofa as I type this. It’s absolutely horrible the way people treat their animals. Seriously, I hope when their time comes…they rot in hell. Or, better yet, eternity at a shelter. It’s fitting they experience what their dogs did forever.

  14. katseyes says:

    And this happens Pit bulls or Pit bull type dogs day after day after day all around the world!!! It’s so very sad & it should be against the law!!! But whoever saved Rock from dying in this hell hole, you have my sincere gratitude & respect! I am adding you as Unknown to My Official Animal Rescue Hero List!!! Thank you so much!!!

  15. katseyes says:

    And this happens to Pit bulls or Pit bull type dogs day after day after day all around the world!!! It’s so very sad & it should be against the law!!! But whoever saved Rock from dying in this hell hole, you have my sincere gratitude & respect! I am adding you as Unknown to My Official Animal Rescue Hero List!!! Thank you so much!!!

  16. MelissaGlover says:


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