Press-Enterprise video goes down, other madness

What was originally a fairly sketchy link to our debate video has now completely stopped working altogether. If you now try to view the debate off of the Press-Enterprise website you will receive this message: “An error occured, please try again later.” Never fear, here it is for eternity… Both the full debate and a condensed, quicker-moving version.

Predictably I was poo-poo’d by the sockpuppet army that represents hate group DogsBite.org. Colleen Lynn, founder of the bullshit, called the debate “lame.” Yeah, lame because you were unable to overrun the dialogue with vitriolic talking points that aimed to demonize the American Pit Bull Terrier as a devil dog. Lame because the Councilman actually conceded many of my arguments! Lame because Mr. Gardner actually didn’t go up there and act like a stinking tyrant, but rather a respectable person who was essentially trying to defend poor legislation. So sorry Colleen. But anytime that you want to debate me so that you can fill the “hate vacuum” to your liking, by all means, please just let me know. I’d gladly debate the hell out of you. Slaying vampires is something I don’t shy away from.

Other accusations that have been thrown my way since this debate:

That I’m in the “financial pocket” of Pit Bull breeders.
Answer) Um, nope. I’m actually not in anyone’s pocket, and certainly not breeders. The work that I do goes unpaid and it’s all in memory of my dog Sway and the millions of dogs that die in silence due to poor sheltering practices, human carelessness, and blatant societal discrimination.

That I’m a dog fighter.
A) About as offensive as it gets.

That I’m a supporter of dog fighting.
A) Ridiculous. Goes to show how very little these androids know about me. Saying anything, no matter how idiotic, is clearly their style. All sense to the wind.

That I think “those who value public safety are racists.”
A) Actually I’m one of the people constantly trying to outline the many circumstances that are tied to 95% of all dog fatalities, no matter the breed. Does that sound like someone who truly wants to disparage people genuinely concerned with public safety?

That I think that it’s a “waste of money” to protect your safety.
A) Utterly absurd. Show me 1 speck of evidence in 3+ years of public advocating where I’ve even remotely uttered that.

That I don’t enunciate.
A) Lol.

That I don’t wear my hat “in the proper manner.”
A) Typical attacking of the messenger. These folks sure do love to stereotype anything and everything, including my hats and how I wear a hat.

That I don’t wear my waistband “in the proper manner.”
A) ^See above.

That I’m playing the “race card.”
A) Not quite. Total simplistic nonsense. It’s called pointing out a philosophy, an ideology, a reactionary way of responding and thinking towards groups instead of individuals. The comparison is wholeheartedly relevant on numerous levels.

That I’m “offending people” by playing the race card.
A) ^See above. I’m playing no card. It’s completely relevant and this is a baseless attempt to refute the comparison, by claiming that I’m “being offensive” or “playing down” the importance of race-related issues and dynamics. Quite the opposite! The funny part about this is that the people that make these claims, because they have nothing to refute the comparison, are usually all white. Every black person that I’ve ever spoken to about this issue sees the parallels quite clearly. It’s obvious.

And that I’ve not been able to win an argument with any logic.
A) Did they watch the same debate? It seems the definition of “logic” doesn’t apply unless it agrees with what they want to hear. What is illogical about pointing out the constant link to fatalities and either roaming dogs or chained dogs, and then unsupervision? What is illogical about pointing out that 99.9% of all dogs are innocent, regardless of statistical breakdown? What is illogical about asking policy-makers to enforce the already existing laws? What is illogical about not wanting already existing laws repeated? What is illogical about pointing out the disingenuousness of a shelter manager who repeatedly parrots how Pit Bulls are never adopted, yet makes it his shelter’s practice to hide, stash, and kill Pit Bulls without ever making them available or even viewable? What is illogical about pointing out the failures of breed identification? What is illogical about noting the lack of due process, and thus the unconstitutionality of the law? And on, and on, and on. Yeah.

Finally, here’s Colleen Lynn masking the fact that she’s a vile human being that wants all Pit Bulls dead by any means necessary. This is done by repeatedly making statements about the 1 million euthanized shelter Pit Bulls per year, implying that people that love them actually don’t care, and as if she actually does care. Orwellian. Total disingenuousness. Jesus Christ, she is such a fraud.


Also, her questions already have answers but she asks them anyways… Why would any responsible Pit Bull owner ignore 1 million shelter deaths annually? I don’t. Tons of people don’t. Read my website. It’s all about shelter reform! She also repeatedly calls the Pit Bulls here “unwanted,” much like Robert Miller continued to do at the ordinance hearings, even though he’s the shelter manager who stashes them away from public view and then kills 95% of them without even making them available for public adoption. Yeah. Unwanted my ass.

These people are scum. The antithesis to the word “reputable.”