Public records reveal Carson vaccinated dog right before they anesthetized him, dog died

So I’ve been in the process of doing multiple public records requests concerning the Carson shelter and the dogs that reside at their facility. 90% of my requests have been stonewalled, but I finally received the medical records concerning Rocky, a dog who was set to be rescued back in August of 2011. He was neutered on 8/19 and unfortunately died immediately after the surgery.

»These« public records show that Rocky was given a rabies vaccine right before he was put under. I know this because the date is the same, and they obviously wouldn’t have vaccinated a dead dog. If for any reason they vaccinated him immediately after he came back up from anesthesia but before he stopped breathing, well, that’s just as bad. I shutter to think if this is actually standard operating procedure inside of these shelters…

Vaccines, the over-vaccinating of animals, the side effects that come with, adverse reactions (both immediate and longer term), the potential for immune system damage etc. all have been thoroughly debated in the health community. Unfortunately the pharmaceutical industry does their best to steer the discussion, but we all know that when you actually advise a natural doctor the information is very much of a different tune. Vaccines ARE dangerous, and it’s horrifying that these dogs are getting these shots on the same day that they are undergoing surgeries and other procedures. Reactions can be magnified by the strain and stress of surgery, the anesthetic could react to the vaccine or vice versa, this is seriously playing with fire. Going further, the anesthesia already suppresses the immune system, so if a vaccine is introduced into the system at this same time, it is that much more capable of causing a long-lasting ailment linked with the blood, i.e. autoimmune conditions.

R.I.P. Rocky, you were a handsome and sweet dog.