Reuniting Tilly with her person

Posted May 13th, 2012 in Discrimination, Prejudice, Shelters and tagged , , , by Josh

While at the shelter yesterday I met Shannon, a homeless woman, who had both of her leashed Pit Bulls illegally shot by the police when their homeless encampment was raided last week… The “raid” had nothing to do with Shannon or her dogs. Unfortunately, 1 of her dogs was killed after it was shot in the chest. The other (Tilly) ran away and is now impounded at the Carson shelter. While there, the shelter wouldn’t let Shannon see her. The staff has marked Tilly as “rescue only” and they want close to $500 in fees from Shannon before even entertaining the thought of allowing this woman to get her dog back. Can we raise this money for her? I’m going to try…

If you’d like to donate: Please go HERE. If we can get a rescue involved then I’m assuming that the fees would be much less, since they can’t transfer penalty fees onto whomever else that would want to save this dog. Regardless, whichever way becomes necessary, I’d like to have an amount that can be designated for helping them. If they need the money for the shelter fees, fine. If not, and we can find another way to get Tilly saved through rescue, I’d still like to give them the funds that are raised so that we can help them in that small way. This woman was a nice person who clearly loves her dogs. She is still grieving heavily and rode her bike to the shelter to try and see Tilly. Thank you to anyone that does help…

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  1. […] only” and gave Shannon the opportunity to place an IP on Tilly’s file. They also printed out her kennel card, as well as a lengthy bill detailing what it would take to regain possession of her. At no time did […]

  2. DonMcewan says:

    Thanks Josh and Diana for all your support and donations. Tilly is home and we will be in touch when we can……………
    love shannon

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